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Sports, school entrance or camp physicals are really more than a physical exam. Ideally they are a comprehensive evaluation of your child which includes the following:

  1. Your child's personal history
  2. Your child's family history
  3. Screening for conditions which can put your child at risk for significant injury, illness, or death
  4. A thorough physical exam
  5. Guidance on safety issues related to athletics, such as proper equipment, nutritional supplements, and performance enhancers.

Many places now offer “sports physicals,” including health clinics at schools and pharmacies.  It is important to understand that not all of these offer a comprehensive evaluation of your child performed by a physician with expertise in children and adolescents. When performed by a pediatrician or pediatric nurse practitioner the risk of significant problems being missed as well as the chance that an insignificant finding may delay clearance for athletics are both minimized.

Sports, School Entrance and Camp Physical Options at My Kid's Pediatrics and Adolescent Care:

Please fill out and bring the required camp and school sports forms to your visit:

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